Protecting the weakest of our brethren

  • Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Mt 25:40) Jesus said to the people. It could well be that we never considered these words to apply also to the weakest of our brethren – the tiny embryo, almost microscopic, which deserves always to be protected, rather than viewed as a simple commodity or a right to some.

    The proposed legislation with respect to the freezing of embryos has raised serious points for reflection.  Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna has announced that any legislation which permits the freezing of embryos goes against the dignity of this ‘human person’.  He insisted that this will lead to great ethical dilemmas.  The Cana Movement have also issued a statement where this could lead to the legislation of abortion.  The Movement stated that “human life begins at the moment of conception and therefore it is imperative that every embryo should be treated with respect and dignity from the first moment of conception”. 

    The Life Network Foundation has just launched a petition (click here) wherein the general public are being encouraged to make their voices heard. The Church in Malta endorses this initiative and encourages all Christians to protect the gift of life, including the smallest and most vulnerable, that is, the human embryo.

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