The Diocesan Assembly and the Synod

  • The 2018 Diocesan Assembly will take place 15 years from the conclusion of the Diocesan Synod of the Archdiocese of Malta, that was held between 1999-2003.

    Archbishop Scicluna wants this year's assembly (22nd – 23rd November) to evaluate the Synod documents that dealt with eight themes: A Vision of Church as Communion, Culture-Society-Church, Christian Laity, Proclamation of the Word, Liturgy and Sacraments, Diaconia and Justice, Marriage and Family, Adolescents and Youth. In the subsequent years the themes of people with disability and media were also addressed.

    In the spirit of dialogue, the Church will embark on a process to study the developments in Maltese culture and society in recent years, and with the guidance of the Diocesan Assembly, continue to proclaim the Good News. In this way, the Church not only reads the sign of the times but also responds with relevant pastoral activity that best serves her mission in the light of the teachings of Pope Francis.

    To make this happen, parish priests and representatives of all parishes, provincials of religious congregations, the head teachers of Church schools and leaders of groups and Catholic movements, are encouraged to attend this Diocesan assembly, together with members of councils of the Archdiocese. The Assembly will be held at the Katekumenju, Mosta, where the Diocesan Synod was held.


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