The Modern Crucifix

  • The Church in Malta is saddened by the human tragedies that are occurring in the Mediterranean Sea around us. The committed Christian cannot remain indifferent in the face of what is happening to so many people who, in an attempt to seek better pastures, are ultimately losing God’s greatest gift to mankind, life. Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna has described a shocking photograph of the dead body of a boy with open arms, washed ashore in Libya, which is being circulated in the media, as “the modern crucifix”.  When faced with this image which portrays the cruel reality that thousands of immigrants are facing, no one can remain passive, neither the European and world leaders, nor us, as Christians. We are called to pray so that through the same love and mercy which God bestowed upon us through the cross of Jesus, these our brothers will be saved from the cross of death at sea.

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