A Strategy of Mercy

    The weather has changed and in the media we are constantly hearing about human tragedies which occur in the Mediterranean.  Every week we hear about the large number of people who lose their lives in our surrounding seas.  Pope Francis stated that we should pay due attention to this problem and not remain indifferent towards the thousands of people who are fleeing their homeland because of very harsh conditions. Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna said that it is necessary for the Maltese people to be “protagonists in a culture of mercy and solidarity” towards our brethren.  “The tradition of compassion and acceptance of the other needs to continue”, said the Archbishop, as he called to mind how these same virtues were present when we welcomed to our shores not only St Paul, but also many other people whose presence enriched our nation.  The Archbishop appealed for “solidarity with other people, that Malta may become part of a strategy of mercy”. Click here to read the Archbishop's speech.