A united Europe for the common good

  • What kind of society am I called to build? How can I help those who are suffering because of other people’s egoism? What small contribution can I make to leave the environment in a better shape than I found it? What criteria shall I employ to choose a candidate from another in the local and European elections?

    These are a few of the questions raised in the document of reflection prepared by the Justice and Peace Commission to mark the European Parliament and Local Councils elections in May.

    The reflections in this document are based on the tenets of Catholic Social Teaching that include social justice, the stewardship of creation, global peace, and the life and dignity of the human person.

    During this Lenten Season, the Justice and Peace Commission invites those who would like to do an examination of conscience to use this document to reflect on the role and responsibility of Christians to enlighten today’s society.

    Click here to download the document of the Justice and Peace Commission.


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