Media Centre

  • Originally a large printing press facility and centre for publishing and other print-related works, Media Centre Limited has recently experienced a renaissance in its conversion to a digital and audiovisual production house. While the heritage of print design still runs strong within the company, there is now a renewed focus on digital media, including filming and editing, web design and development, and live event production. Our small but highly-versatile team allows us to tackle all forms of design, and our core company values place a strong emphasis on the creation of material for educational purposes.

    • The development of creative concepts for use in all fields of design, be it film and print design to web and application development. 
    • The creation of high-quality digital media for use in educational contexts, especially for television, web, and classroom use.
    • To promote Christian values through the media we produce.
    • Acting for television (many of the actors on the television programs we produce are youths who learn valuable skills from the experience). 
    • In-house workshops on television production, dealing with both creative and technical skills.
    • Eventually providing hands-on experience to students undertaking lessons in the "Media Education" subject being introduced in Church and Private schools.

    Executive Chairman
    Fr Stefan Bonanno
    Board of Directors
    Fr Stefan Bonanno (Chairman)
    Fr Rene’ Camilleri (Secretariat for Catechesis)
    Not. Joe Tabone (Company Notary)
    Dr Robert Tufigno (Company Lawyer)
    Mr. Miguel Borg (Financial Advisor)
    Company Secretary
    Dr Jeanette Carabott

    Media Centre Limited, Media Centre Complex, National Road, Blata l-Bajda. ĦMR 1640
    2569 9100