Speeches by the Apostolic Nuncio and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps at the exchange of New Year's greetings

  • The Apostolic Nuncio's speech to the President of Malta

  • The President's Palace, Valletta
    11th January 2018

    Madame President of the Republic of Malta,

    On behalf of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to Malta, it is my honour and joy to present our best wishes to Your Excellency for the New Year.  Permit me also to extend our greetings to your esteemed Spouse Mr Preca and to your Advisors in the Office of the President. Through you, we also offer our greetings to all Maltese citizens, especially to those who in various fields contribute to the progress and prosperity of this noble nation.

    Madame President,

    As the official representatives of our countries, we are privileged to follow the political and social events in Malta and honoured to often share with your Excellency the hopes and challenges of our times. In this context, let me say that we follow your activities with admiration and respect. We appreciate very much your tireless commitment to strengthening the position of Malta within the family of nations, both at home and abroad. We sincerely congratulate you for what you have achieved, in your capacities as the Highest State Authority and the guarantor of the Republic’s constitutionality and unity.

    With you, we rejoice that this year Valletta, Malta’s capital and a world heritage, will be the European Capital of Culture. This event will bring peoples of different nationalities and continents together in a common appreciation of beauty in all its forms. We wish that the planned activities would encourage “communion with others” in a mutual “culture of dialogue”, for the wider common good, which reaches out beyond Malta’s shores.

    Obviously, we do not overlook the problems you have to confront in your daily duties. We have in mind especially what you mentioned in your Republic Day speech, on the 13th  December 2017, when you did not hesitate to underline some  aspects which are worrisome and which erode Maltese society. We are confident that, under your wise guidance, Malta will be able to overcome its difficulties, so that the New Year might really be a remarkable one for its progress and stability.

    Madame President of the Republic,

    Happy New Year to you and your dear family! Happy New Year to the Government and those who have public responsibilities! Happy New Year to people of good will and all Maltese citizens!

    May God Almighty bless and protect Malta always!

  • The Apostolic Nuncio's speech to the Prime Minister of Malta

  • Auberge de Castille, Valletta
    11th January 2018

    Honourable Prime Minister,

    The Heads of the Diplomatic Missions accredited to Malta have the honour to present New Year greetings to Your Excellency and to the Government of the Republic of Malta, and take this opportunity to express deep gratitude for the attention shown to them in the exercise of their mission.

    Looking back at the year 2017, which has just ended, we have noticed that it has been marked by challenges and opportunities, in front of which the Government of Malta has sought solutions both locally and abroad, to the best of its possibilities.

    Malta has continued to offer its precious contribution to the European Union. Indeed, we cannot forget the successful story of Malta’s rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union during the first six months of 2017. It actively contributed to shaping E.U. policies and E.U. decisions in different areas throughout the six months of its Presidency, and  it still does so, as we can seen from our daily life.

    Furthermore, throughout last year, Malta continued to play its part on the international scene, by an active diplomacy, seeking just solutions to international problems, through peaceful means and equitable solutions.

    Locally, we have noticed with pleasure several measures adopted by your Government in order to ensure that the economic growth - which marked record indices in recent months - does not remain a privilege of a few, but can have beneficial effects for all Maltese citizens and, in particular, for those sectors of society which are  more vulnerable, as well as  for those who come to Malta looking for work or settlement on these Islands.

    We would also like to mention the finished results of the projects, which embellish Malta’s capital city, Valletta, which this year is the European Capital of Culture.  Projects such as these, together with others concerning the Islands’ infrastructure, bear witness not only to your Government’s desire to raise the standard of  living in Malta,  but also to your responsibility towards future generations, ensuring that they grow in a socially safe  environment.

    Honourable Prime Minister,

    Happy New Year to you and to your dear family. Happy New Year to all the members of the Government of the Republic of Malta. May the New Year bring renewed energies at the service of sustainable progress for the common good of the people of these Islands.

    May God Almighty bless and protect Malta always!

    ✠ Mgr Alessandro D’Errico

         Apostolic Nuncio and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps

  • Photos - OPR and DOI - Kevin Abela