The Malta Catholic Action strengthens its commitment to ensuring environmental sustainability

  • The Malta Catholic Action (AKM) is responsible for contributing to the well being of society and the environment that surrounds us. The aim of AKM’s existence is primarily to be of service to others, according to the needs and realities of our society.

    With the knowledge we possess today about the impact we are having on the Earth, which Pope Francis calls ‘our Common Home’, the Malta Catholic Action is taking action to ensure that the services it provides, impact the environment as little as possible. AKM feels that it needs to be proactive in making the Earth a better place while proceeding with its activities. The organisation teaches its members that their actions should reflect the values they believe in and this also means that its members of all ages should safeguard the environment and ensure sustainability in every way possible.

    In light of this, AKM has recently installed 98 solar panels on the roof of the Oratory in Imġarr. This centre is used for several different pastoral activities in Imġarr and is used by people of all ages. Through this project, AKM has utilised space which was not being used before, as well as, decreasing gas emissions in order to produce electricity by making better use of natural resources. Furthermore, work was carried out on the roof in order to prevent rainwater from seeping in and damaging the structure.

    This is the second project of this nature which AKM has carried out. Five years ago, AKM installed 38 PV panels on its premises in Birkirkara, which is used by Żgħażagħ Azzjoni Kattolika (ŻAK) the youth section of AKM, on a regular basis.

    Malta is one of the 3 EU countries which have the lowest share of renewable energy, according to information released by Eurostat in 2017 when 7.2% of the energy consumed in Malta was originating from renewable sources. At the time the average within the EU was 17.5%. This project will contribute towards the possibility of Malta reaching its 2020 targets, where 10% of its energy requirements should be obtained from renewable sources.

    This project is also another small step towards ensuring that the work carried out by the Church and its members, reflects the spirit of the words of Pope Francis in Laudato Si. AKM hopes that in the near future, this project and other similar investments would also be able to contribute financially in order to continue providing a service to children, young people and adults.