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 Archbishop's Homilies

"The Lord loves us, he chose a beautiful destiny for us" - The Archbishop in Qrendi

Omelija waqt Quddiesa tal-aħħar tridu tal-festa ta' Santa Marija


Behind every collective agreement lies the dignity and rights of teachers, which are essential for the formation of citizens - The Archbishop

The signing of the collective agreement between the Secretariat for Catholic Education and MUT


"Our destiny is to be as beautiful as our Saviour" - The Archbishop

Omelija waqt Quddiesa Pontifikali fil-festa tas-Salvatur


Lord, by your Holy Image marked on this shroud, may we not lose hope or fall away from you - The Archbishop

Omelija waqt Quddiesa mal-Arċisqof ta' Turin, bħala parti mill-proġett ta' evanġelizzazzjoni tal-Komunità Abramo bl-isem ta' 'L-Akbar Imħabba'


Bonus Altor (A kind and loving father)

The Archbishop's homily during the episcopal ordination of Mgr Joseph Galea-Curmi, Auxiliary Bishop of Malta


"I am convinced that the new Auxiliary Bishop will continue to be of service to the pastoral work of the diocese" - The Archbishop

The Archbishop's message on the announcement of the appointment of a new Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Malta


Our hands should be used to give an encouraging embrace, not to stick labels on each other's backs - The Archbishop

Iċ-ċerimonja annwali tal-gradwazzjoni tal-Caritas għal dawk li temmew b'suċċess il-programm ta' rijabilitazzjoni mid-droga


"Desire to have friends that will help you become saints" - The Archbishop to the adolescents of Qawra

The Archbishop administers the Sacrament of Confirmation to adolescents from Qawra Parish


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