Statistika dwar il-Knisja fiċ-Ċilì u l-Perù

  • Pope Francis will visit Chile and Peru from the 15th till the 22nd January 2018. In Chile, he will visit the capital Santiago, Temuco and Iquique and in Peru he will pass through Lima, Puerto Maldonado and Trujillo. It will be the pope's sixth trip to Latin America. He has already been to Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Cuba, Mexico and he will visit Colombia in September of this year.

    Here are statistics of the Catholic Church in Chile and Peru as of 31st December 2015:

  • Table 1 – Population and ecclesiastical structure

    Area (km2)756,6261,285,216
    Population (in thousands)18,00631,152
    Density (inhabitants/km2)2424
    Catholics (in thousands)13,32927,911
    Catholics per 100 inhabitants74.089.6
    Ecclesiastical circumscriptions2745
    Other pastoral centres3,7796,303
    Catholics per pastoral center2,8133,512

  • Table 2 – People engaged in activities of the apostolate

    Bishops (Situation on 15.12.2017)5068
    Diocesan priests1,1752,088
    Religious priests1,1081,273
    Total priests2,2833,361
    Permanent deacons1,13865
    Men religious (other than priests)546422
    Professed women religious4,0065,568
    Members of secular Institutes472179
    Lay missionaries1,47311,120

  • Table 3 – Indicators of pastoral workload

    Catholics per priest5,8388,304
    Catholics per pastoral worker249387
    Priests per pastoral center0.480.42
    Priests per 100 people engaged in activities of the apostolate4.364.75

  • Table 4 – Priestly Vocations

    Minor seminarians39689
    Major seminarians5681,539
    Major seminarians per 100,000 inhabitants3.154.94
    Major seminarians per 100,000 Catholics4.265.51
    Major seminarians per 100 priests24.8845.79

  • Table 5 – Educational centers owned/managed by ecclesiastics or religious


    Pre-school and primary957995
    Lower middle and secondary597524
    Higher and university2790

    Students in:

    Pre-school and primary schools258,366248,171
    Lower middle and secondary schools392,582196,165
    Higher and university institutes321,10568,768

  • Table 6 – Charitable and social centers owned/managed by ecclesiastics or religious

    Leper colonies14
    Homes for the elderly and disabled31890
    Orphanages and nurseries205244
    Family consultation centers30145
    Special centers for social education or rehabilitation4336
    Other institutions447581
  • Source: Zenit