Il-Papa waqt Quddiesa f'Palermo: ‘Alla u l-mafja ma jmorrux flimkien'

  • Pope Francis celebrated Mass on Saturday during his pastoral visit in the Italian city of Palermo, saying Christians must choose either love or selfishness, victory or defeat.

    “You cannot believe in God and be a member of the mafia,” the Pope declared. “Those belonging to the mafia are not living as Christians, because with their life they blaspheme the name of God who is love.”

    Don Puglisi: victory in defeat

    Pope Francis’ visit to the Sicilian city coincided with the liturgical memorial of Blessed Pino Puglisi, a local priest killed by the mafia 25 years ago.

    The Holy Father said Father Pino’s life highlighted the Christian’s choice between self-love and selflessness. He said the priest showed how the victory of faith “is born from the scandal of martyrdom.”

  • Source: Vatican News